your a tool bag..

So my journey has begun.. The next chapter in “bikerdoom”, road trips!! I’ve tested the water wit good friends shuffling around so. Ca.. And now it’s time to hit the mutha f’n road!! As Chris hooper once said, “life’s a dream on the road..”. How u like that reference ray ray!!!

So on my recent camp attack I snapped my throttle cable right as I was leaving camp, ugh.. That was a 4 hour ride home pulling tricks.. I learned quick with a few tools I could have fixed it up..

So now.. What tools should I pack up? I’ve always been impressed with my friends tool bag, it’s testament to a life’s journey.: it’s gonna take more than zip ties and duck tape I’m learning the hard way. My boy Ko has an amazing set up, I’ll find the pics today..

This is my dudes way sick fully prepared for Armageddon set up… Impressed !! The bag us sick..




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