vinylmation urban 3

ya I’m a Disney pass holder, disney freak, otaku for Dtown. How ever you wanna say it, im geeked out for my Disney.  California side kicks much ass, waiting for it to start staying open late… please please open it up so i can get more of that rideness..

I got my FNK (friday night krew) and we hit it silly all year long… watch for us 10 deep blastin’ and riddin’…

Its nice to see Disney at least doing something right with the vinylmation stuff. Started slow, but they blowing it out now. Disney is bringing some cool stuff to the masses with the vinylmation. Sure there over kill on it, it already “jumped the shark“, but im diggin’ it non the less.

I’m always pickin’ up more stuff i dont need, another one from the vinylmation figure… Urban 3 Series by artist Maria Clapsis, she is doing it right!! very nice.. very nice…

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