Troy Von Balthazar interview

The coolest thing about being a photog,  I get to run into my heros and people i dig on the regular! I’ve always been drawn to people. I knew this when i was hangin’ out at Eazy E’s house in Norwalk back in the 80’s

A few months back I was lucky enough to hook up with Troy Von Balthazar over a lunch. Actully i ran into him while riding my bike in Pasadena down Green St.. I had not scene him in years, not sence his band days actually. Thanks ADELINE GAROLA JASSO for making the calls after, I could not have had a chance to catch um’ with out  your help..

I have so much respect for  Troy, he has stayed true, kind of the way i dream all my favorite rock stars do. I hit him with a bunch of questions and had a quick photo shoot. Troy has had a lifetime of travels and rockin’ that i cant even imagine. A true urban hero that stays out there and hustles. I first saw him play with Chokebore at Spaceland years ago, i was amazed.  If you dont know how important Chokebore is, just do a little asking around.

Whats so good about Troy is that he keeps things moving forward, stays in motion and dont look back. When most  just fall into whats safe, Troy has pushed himself. Puting out records, labels, books and websites. His network extends around the globe and he has effected many.

He had many insights about the life and economy of being a solo artist, I learned much. Thanks..

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