pete wentz

its a day of slugin’ it out.. on the grind.. cleanin’ stuff.. forget it i dont have any things to post, im tired… heres a picture of a dude i dont know.. not friends with… but PETE was really cool to shoot.. Im not gonna eva eva pull any punches man,  in this flix hustle im in its all grindin’ and no glamor man… theres a 1000’s numbers in the phone book but few are friends man…


wonder what  GLEN DANZIG is up to today?

not much I can say or write bout it, just saw the pic and thought, is he at Trader Joes where hes a regular i hear..

it was so cool to hang with Greg and Dave in 80’s at Palace with um’ no doubts..

** hey dave member Chuck bittin’ the dust past out after he got off the oh’ man..