photobook came today.:

Got my photo book in the mail today. The colors are really good, Printing is a whole other world these days. The money you have to invest in the workflow has never been for me, My monitors are so bad.. But hey apple does a pretty good job with these books. Its been years since I ordered my last one from snappish.. Next I’m gonna try blurb, My boy Mark ( swears by them.

Having spent the better part of this last decade taking snaps professionally for clients mainly, it’s pretty cool to just shoot and print out for just me..





my go to mac spot is called LA COMPUTER ( its in Anaheim?!?)… anyways, you need that short cord for your iphone, a GXM for your monitor set up, mod your ibook, get your macbook fixed in 2 days this is the spot… way out of the way.. but works for me cuz im down in the OC all the time..