Pipers Restaurant

the $4.99 breakfast combo @ Pipers cant be beat!!… Danny Holloway took me here for the first time, sitting in the high booth seats hearing stories about Gn’R hangin’  late night or all that other good la life that went/goes down.. its in Korea town ( a big fuck you to yelp once again!!) great mix of dj’s and old korean dudes make the spot awesome.. Your gonna run into peoples if ya dont, its cuz you suck and no one likes you…

Sure Canters got all the fame, but its Pipers where the business went/goes down for the real hustla’s in the streets… Say NO to Bright Spot and there $14 dollah cobb salad, slide on over  Beverly and Western..

1. free parking

2. just grab a seat (word to the fat dudes, bigger seats are in the  back)

3. theres wifi, ask the server for the key

4. the ice t stays flowin’

5. you can park bikes right up front

6. its 24/7

the yummy guilty pipers special..

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