Paper Mart

so you need a 3lb bag of loose fill cushing you say… or how bout some gold metallic twist ties … from huge orders to ones and twos… Paper Mart pretty much has it all.. Its also a blessing cuz its close by.. if ya livin’ in down town.. its actully pretty close to eveyrone cuz its in Vernon. .

I use the place as a kind of  Staples meets Party Supplies with a twist of Cost Co…  cool part is you dont have to run around the building… just oder online and give your order number to will call and voila!!! … 9 times out of 10 the price is way better and the service is way better too… the dudes that work in the warehouse know what is up with the product thay hustle..

anyways.. buy direct.. go to Paper Mart.. its supports local jobs in Vernon and you get to hang out with truckers in the parking lot…

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