jj meets rip zinnger

chillin’ at WBASE I ran into a photog .. dude named Rip Zinnger… Rip had just finished up shooting Spike Jonz at a movie preimier. Rip is a mad scientist, showed me his gear all wrapped up in tshirts in his back pack.

.anyways, i ended up buying dudes photo book. The dude did 3 monthes on a couch tour with a snap n’ shoot chassin’ down skate folk lore and all that.. I mean like NO SLR.. no vid gear.. nothing, just some point and shoots. the book is sick.. its very japanese look to it if you like that look, i know i do. THe dude just layed back and captured what he was seeing.. be sure to peep his snap of a st in SF, its magical man…it was nice to catch the dude..

his book is sick..

anyways, the book is huge, chalk full of pics.. like 100 pages deep… Funny part is i had  bought a John DIgweed cd cuz my pic was in there when were at Tower (yes TOwer REcords japan is still open)..

I did not even bother tellin’ mr. Zinnger bout my snap in Digweed cd i just bought…  Were both in this photo game but we are on diffent sides of the fence. I think he talked shit about me to my face about 50% of the time,  Rip hates set up pics and commercial photos..I shoot stuff that he thinks is a joke.. ahwell,  more power to him..  I guess thats why photogs dont hang out… Hes a cool dude, but we look at things different for sure..

kind of funny, cuz both of us are puttin it down.. laying it all on the line.. See when you got skin in the game you do what ever it takes… and thats what i respect.. I wonder if he even cared about what was doing, most likly not.. IM just a blue collar shooter..

Rip headed out on his fixey talking about picking up a hard drive, me i hit the subway back to the spot…

Funny how the life i lived growing up, is his just content for rips book…

no more wedding shoots in 2010..

its 430am and i blazed though an all nighter of an edit… its about this time that i feel a great weight lifted off my shoulder.

Everytime i wrap a wedding project, i say no more of these things, but than a friend calls and low balls me into a favor. FUnny how friend favors can break you. I wonder if i went into there job and said work for 15 hours on this for free? bet they would get tossed out on thay ass…

this is this the realty of shooting, lots of favors for friends and lots of late nights grindin’ away for pennys.. so you say you want to be a photog huh? Better have the passon for broke..

hit the sack… back up at noon.. gots to prep the office for next weeks meetings..

my boy Ray

Nothing better than old friends. Ray and I have major time spent. In between projects I have to charge up and see old fiends.

Nothing stays pure in the photo hustle, u see alot of the bad out shooting. Things that were special to you are just “content” for the editors and graphic artist.

Grub at Pieloon in Downey