My Nikon and Sony Repair Recommends

SO you droped your Nikon or tossed your Sony video cam. Now what? is it a loss? do i buy another one.. oh man what do i doo… I know what i do, i cry first, than just brush it off and live another day… just another day more poor that is..

what i know: do NOT use generic batteries in your shit, OEM always fits, Sony don’t like it when i duct tape things. Heat is bad for your stuff, Always have uv filters on when shooting, Sun will melt your clamps, Flash bulbs break when they fall to the ground. Duct tape can fix anything, Lens Hood can save your shit when you drop it and last, always have some sort of wrist strap on…  PS, do not put water bottles in your camera bag!!

so you broke your shit..

1st Dont Panic, there might be hope. You have get it to someone that can help you out.. as a general rule i’ve found that the more pro your rig is, the better chance you can change out parts.. Its like a car pretty much, when you break this or blow out that you can get parts fixed.

I ve had lots of good and bad repair storys. The same spot can be great one time and the next take weeks and weeks and still not fix it. My personal favorite is getting your stuff back and they did not treat the problem, so i get left out having to rent more gear!! yeah, nothing better than spending $100 bucks on set up for shoot.. i love overhead!!

Good luck and go with your friends recomends…

heres my recommends…

Authorized Camera Service : solid staff, clean, on top of there shit.. fair price.. they will get it done

International Camera Repair: local home town spot, gets things done.. if its tricky i prefer direct with nikon. Its close in Pasadena, its good if you just need the simple stuff. If theres special parts needed for get it.. BUt they do vintage repairs, so thats awesome.. My olympus Pen cam i got off them rocks to this day!!

Computer Works Technologies: send my video repairs here; in burbank. Fast, very quick. but not cheep. THis place does a great job everytime.. I burnt out bords, busted front elements.. all of it, they got done quick.. Easy going, so dont press to hard.. they handled my fix just fine..

Nikon West Coast: it dont get no more for sure than just  taking it back to the source. Truth be told, most repair places you use just send them back to nikon anyways.. so why not just go back to nikon.. oh yeah, the price, you will pay… They generaly just put on new parts, so thats why its costing… but if you want it done like new, this is it.. *** open until 3pm** do not go at 4pm..

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