Happy Bday Ruben Romano…

When I first began shooting as a pro (meaning I was getting payed to snap) I was lucky enough to have friends in bands. RUBEN ROMANO being one of them and unknown to him and I at the time these early years would shape everything I have become today.

With a quickness I can light up and shoot in-side the darkest of locations and pull focus with a quickness.. No matter how advanced a camera gets, nothing shoots perfect on a dark stage.. You have to know distance and now to work your focus ring…

There is no beating around it, your going to have to get on stage and make sure not to step on cords, trip over mic stands and most of all be fucking QUICK about it. Bands dont need others hanging out on stage with them.  After all in a typical venue your gonna have the band, the dudes handling sound and some roadies already up there.. and none of them want you up there to fuck up the 1 hour of work that everyone has prepared for.

SO I made a major amount of mistakes shooting. I  blew shit out, blurry, bad composition.. the whole 9!!. But that never stopped me cuz bands man, they will forgive all that.. Bands let me keep trying for some reason… and especially Ruben Romano. The dude always got me on the list and let me shoot all day everyday… and for that shit man, thanks!!

So to you mr happy b-day man… its been a lovely life knowing a dude like you!! Thank you for good times and all rock-a- rola man.

1 snap of Ruben Romano club in Oosaka late 90’s


Eddie Glass from the same night same club

Eddie GLass

and I leave ya with a Nebula lyric :

“…Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts When your time comes, nothing hurts Everything is beautiful So it goes…”   SO IT GOES

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