echo park.. my first attempt to get real with my blog

ya i live in echo park, been living in echo park, gonna be livin’ in echo park.. cant afford to get out (yet).. I hear alot of funny things from people when i bring up my town… my favorite is

“… its all yuppies, i remember when..” said by a girl in deep OC to me a few weeks ago tellin me how it is.. (fuck you) if you so real, move on back focker…

seems like echo park is no home town to me, on the most week days its just a parking lot fools drive though on to better/greener pastures… for me its kind of a very hate and a few times luv type place.. i got shit taken from me, lots of parking tickets and i’m white so i have a very privledge situation here.

I’m not stuck here, i have mobility. theres alot of people that cant go even to lbc cuz they cant get a ride, crazy poverty exists everywhere…. i live on airplanes a bunch times a year and have been known to love pasadena way to much.

ya im generations deep in these towns but im not affarid to want more, for now its frustrating to see all the dickheads comin’ around town.. but its great to see how good things are getting around here..

heres a cool ride at my vons parking lot..proven yet again that OG frickin’ cultures still exist..

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