my iphone case

another fine internet find..  having rocked a cork case on the old iPhone its time to mix it up with the new 3gS all white one i got now..

Incase has droped one fine case that fits nice.. clips on.. stays on… $40 bucks with tax and shipping is just plan stupid, but a scratched up phone is a no no when you trying to exchage it at the genius bar.

No this case will not help you in crash..

No this case will not be bullit proff..

Yes you will get called a sissy

Yes you will rule the streets!!

i much recommend glorious pink

Props and SPots

man ninja academy were down to shoot, I dug out this location off Wilshire by the home depot. .. I was always looking for a reason to use my cyclo that i picked up a few years back from a friend David in Vietnam. I payed a bunch of cash to get back to LA and did not even use it yet.

As a photog you got to be on the hunt for props and spots. Its an obssesion for me really, im out on my bicycloe for hours and hours in the darkest alley to the best view spot. Parking lots and building tops. I stay on the hunt. I stay away from the dirty dirty… try to misplace the spot when you see it in the end. its like a balance of a spot you always see and dont see. I hope you can enjoy..

I knew i would use that dam cyclo some day..

a blessed life…

i just cant believe how good my life is… it really blows me away… i dig in to it each day i can.. when i forgets man i just look around…

living my life in between shoots for a bunch of years now… i thought i was doing it for the pics, but really how im doing it for the off time… I been put everything into this game, and i mean everything… im busted up and broken but i keep pushin’…

go for it..

in full effect…