wonder what  GLEN DANZIG is up to today?

not much I can say or write bout it, just saw the pic and thought, is he at Trader Joes where hes a regular i hear..

it was so cool to hang with Greg and Dave in 80’s at Palace with um’ no doubts..

** hey dave member Chuck bittin’ the dust past out after he got off the kit..man oh’ man..


Kenzo the  energy maker, the taste maker. I love the dude like he was a friend from a another life. Done so much to support me i cant thank you enough man. I will no doubt have many many more exploits with the mr Kenzo no doubts..

Runs game with Kongs MC out of Yokohama. No weather can stop his ridin’, much respects. He did a jesus christ pose at 70 in a tunnel a couple years ago that still scares me when i think about it. I got the video, post it later…