Arthur Fulmer Vintage Helmet

talk about a quiver of vintage helmets.  Cary has more dome selections than I got shoes….There is allot of thought that can go into a helmet purchase. sure theres all that good safe new technolgy stuff.. but vintage is just way more wicked..

AF40(orange) vs AF20(green).. man the AF 20 has a sick low profile!!

WTF?!! awesome…

wallpaper selections …


  1. Hello,
    In 1989 I was in a very terrible acident on my motorcycle. A lady pulled out in front of me while I was doing about 50 MPH. I broke 32 bones in my body and was hospitalized for a year. After lots of therapy I’ve made a pretty good recovery. I just wanted to let you know that if it wasn’t for your helmet I wouldn’t be here today. The helmet took a lot of scracthes and scrapes put did not break. I kept it for several years after the wrech. My wife talked me into throwing it away…it had tried blood in it. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know, you make a great life saving helmet. And I hope you can tell everyone in your company that. Thanks, Wayne Hadden

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